Example of Recent Research Grants (2013)


  Advances in cancer treatment technologies
depend on research support.

Utah Valley University -- $81,018 for the study and use of high frequency ultrasound for real-time pathology during breast cancer surgery.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center -- $175,000 for the study of in vivo programming of anti-cancer T cells "on demand".

University of Pennsylvania -- $149,808 for the study of elucidating links between metabolism and epigenetics in prostate cancer.

University of Michigan -- $125,315 for the study of molecular mechanisms of bladder tumorigenesis.

Mayo Clinic -- $187,021 for the study of tumor clonal evolution in melanoma progression

Emory University -- $125,000 for the study of CHFR as novel drug target to overcome taxane resistance in cancer

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute -- $150,000 for the study of microenvironment-induced drug resistance of breast cancer in the metastatic niche

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